Take Action

Knowledge is power

Spread the word

  • Follow our journey, and share the stories of Palestinian refugees far and wide.
  • We hope, ultimately, to create a short film documenting the journey, the footage and interviews that we have gathered along the way. Watch this space to watch and share.
  • Keep in touch – send us an email (cycle48@riseup.net) and we’ll keep you updated on the campaign


  • Send a letter to the UK charity commission calling on them to revoke the JNF’s charitable status (draft template to follow, but feel free to write your own)
  • Get involved with your local Palestine Solidarity Group

Buy Palestinian products

  • Support Palestinian farmers and creators by buying Palestinian food and handicrafts.
  • See http://www.zaytoun.org/ and ask at your local fair trade shop.


  • We’re covering the initial costs for this project ourselves but our financial resources are limited. We would like to be able to build on this work and get the message and these stories out to as many people as possible. If you too believe that this is important and would like to help towards the project, any contribution you are able to give would be greatly appreciated and would help us in developing a short film following the journey / go towards a potential speaking tour in the UK.You can donate to the project through the Stop the JNF website, specifying ‘cycle 48’.

    You can also donate towards the wider work of the Stop the JNF UK / Stop the JNF International


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