Mapping is a tool that has been used throughout human history to explore lands, divide territories and wage war. Mapping is one of the most powerful tools of colonialism and warfare.

And so mapping lies at the very heart of the dispossession of the Palestinian people from historic Palestine. But what has been mapped, can be remapped.

Everywhere, everyday, people are remapping their stories on this land. We celebrate the work done by Zochrot – who have created an app which remaps the forgotten histories of ’48- and we join this remapping movement – on our bikes we will remap a cycle trail with the stories we collect from the refugees and the experiences we have along the way.

Remapping is a powerful tool of resistance – reinserting memory when its erasure has been so successful.

The Jewish National Fund was established in 1901; it was at the forefront of the zionist project to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Following the mass ethnic cleansing in 1948, the JNF acquired 1,000,000 dunam (250,000 acres) of land that belongs to the Palestinians who had been forced from their homes.

Since that time, the JNF has been instrumental in the ‘de-arabisation of Palestine’. More than two-thirds of JNF forests and sites – 46 out of 68 – conceal or are located on the ruins of Palestinian villages demolished by Israel. This is part of a deliberate strategy to destroy the remnants of historic Palestine, to obscure the villages that once stood, and deny the existence of the indigenous population.

This trip is about remapping Palestine; revealing the stories which challenge Israel’s narrative of “a land without people, for a people without a land”; bearing witness to a history denied.

More on the JNF here


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