The Cycle ’48 Journey

Our “Cycle ’48” journey took place over 5 days in February 2015. We kept a live blog along the way sharing the stories that we heard, the present-day realities that we witnessed, the conversations that we had.

Read the posts below to lead yourself through our journey:

Setting off to Cycle ’48

Al Malha: a Mosque and a Mall

Al Walaja: walking the ruins, cycling a storm

Dayr Aban: Stories that Live

Sar’a: Brides and Burials

Ajjur: Golden Ruins in British Park

Salah, Ajjur on the right of return, a one state solution and fresh milk everyday

Imwas: Beneath the Park and the Picnic Tables

The JNF trail: sun, cycling and shabbat

Mud and Maklooba: the final stretch